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Selected projects 2019

Selected projects 2019

  • New therapeutic strategies against carcinoma metastasis

    Angélica Figueroa Conde-Valvís

  • New treatment and patient selection biomarker for advanced cancer patients

    Gabriela Jiménez Valerio

  • Nanorobots for bladder cancer theranostics

    Samuel Sánchez

  • A new stem cell therapy to treat Type I diabetes

    Marcos Malumbres

  • A medical device for early diagnosis of urinary tract infections in catheterized patients

    Jimmy Martins

  • Cannabidiol as a treatment for mitochondrial disease

    Albert Quintana

  • New predictive biomarkers of functional recovery prior to endovascular treatment of acute ischemic stroke

    Alicia Martínez Piñeiro

  • Improving recruitment in preclinical disease trials

    Juan Domingo Gispert

  • Diagnosis of dementia with Lewy bodies with a simple blood test

    Katrin Beyer

  • A web app that calculates outcome for hemorrhaging patients in minutes

    Marcin Wojciech Balcerzyk

  • Carrying therapeutic cargoes across the blood-brain barrier to fight DIPG

    Meritxell Teixidó

  • Kinase inhibitors to stabilise pathological TDP43 and treat ALS

    Valle Palomo

  • A universal sequence to increase protein production

    Alexandra Moreira

  • Autonomous social robotics for pediatric assistance and active aging

    Fernando Fernández Rebollo

  • Non-invasive diagnostic kit to monitor fibrosis in kidney-transplant patients

    Francesc E. Borràs

  • A new probiotic strategy to improve metabolic and inflammatory profile in obese patients

    Isabel Huber Ruano

  • Dual costimulatory targeting in autoimmune diseases

    Josep M. Grinyó Boira, Joan Torras

  • A flexible and programmable microscope to aid drug discovery

    Mario Montes Usategui

  • Accommodating intraocular lens to restore vision lost by presbyopia

    Susana Marcos; Rocío Gutiérrez

  • A medical device to manage agitated patients through digital monitoring

    Xavier Perez Acebo