Convocatoria Validate

Proyectos seleccionados 2018

Selected projects 2018

  • Small molecules with a big impact on nervous system disorders

    Alicia Mansilla Aparicio

  • Smart self-management of emotional crises for patients with borderline personality disorder or related personality traits

    Álvaro Frías Ibáñez

  • New compounds to treat neurodegenerative disorders

    Carmen Escolano Mirón

  • A new tool for biofilm infection diagnosis and treatment

    Eduard Torrents

  • First-in-class dimerisation inhibitors of the androgen receptor as a new treatment for prostate cancer

    Eva Estébanez

  • Affordable neurological telerehabilitation

    Ezequiel Hidalgo

  • A new bacteria repellent coating to mitigate healthcare-associated infections

    Fabiola Costa

  • A primary screening tool for diabetic retinopathy and other high-prevalent retinal diseases

    Florencio González Márquez

  • Diagnosis and prognosis kit for patients suffering from sepsis and septic shock

    José Luis García Giménez

  • Accurate dermatology diagnosis through smartphone imaging

    Juan Daniel Prades

  • New HRI activators to treat type 2 diabetes mellitus

    Manuel Vázquez Carrera

  • Advanced gene editing technologies

    Marc Güell Cargol

  • A first-rate treatment for glioblastoma and lung cancer

    María Blasco

  • A wearable device for smart rehabilitation

    Miguel Angel Mañanas Villanueva

  • Antiseptic biopsy system

    Nerea Mangado

  • Fighting pain with cannabis while avoiding side-effects

    Rafael Maldonado

  • A new compound to cure Parkinsons’s Disease

    Salvador Ventura

  • Gene therapy for human cancers caused by fusion genes

    Sandra Rodríguez

  • The one-step solution for chronic bone infections

    Susana Sousa

  • A new tool for managing therapeutic endoscopy complications

    Vicente Lorenzo-Zúñiga