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Selected projects 2022

Selected projects 2022

  • A new method for evaluating visual acuity

    Víctor Rodríguez

  • Towards a new treatment for metastatic breast cancer

    Roni Wright

  • Improving the efficacy of cancer treatments while reducing their toxicity

    Diogo Magalhães e Silva

  • A new tool to image lung ventilation

    Jordi Llop

  • Nanoparticles to control Helicobacter pylori without using antibiotics

    Paula Parreira

  • Towards a new treatment for optic neuropathies

    Francisco Fernández

  • Personalised medicine to repair peripheral nerve injuries

    Jorge Fernando Jordão Coelho

  • A new type of drug to treat inflammatory bowel disease

    Josep M. Aran

  • Towards a new treatment for fatty liver disease

    Deborah Paola Naon

  • Gamified home rehabilitation platform for paediatric patients with language impairment

    Arnau Valls

  • Smart hydrogels to improve in vivo cell study

    Helmut Reinecke

  • Making immunotherapy effective in treating breast cancer

    Toni Celià-Terrassa

  • Towards quicker, more accessible and less expensive diagnosis and monitoring of a rare childhood genetic disease

    Ignacio Alfonso

  • GO-Graft - A synthetic vascular graft for coronary artery bypass grafting

    Andreia Pereira

  • A wearable device for real-time monitoring of heart failure patients

    Alberto Olmo