A medical device to manage agitated patients through digital monitoring

Xavier Perez Acebo


    Xavier Perez Acebo


    Parc Taulí Sabadell, Hospital Universitari, Spain


    Since 2015, Parc Taulí Hospital has been involved in an innovative procedure in order to improve hazards related to agitated patients.

    Every year 1.5% of discharged patients relates to an agitation episode during their hospitalization. Mechanical contention is a common practice in order to cope with these situations. The problem is that management of agitation under subjective decisions results in unnecessary prolongations of contention and therefore a higher risk of side effects and higher associated cost.

    Safety Hug, invented by an emergency nurse, is a medical device intended to manage agitated patients in healthcare settings under objective decisions. The project aims to dignify the treatment of agitated patients through an earlier release of mechanical contention. Safety Hug is able to provide an objective overview of the agitation episode by capturing data from the agitated patient in real time and send it to physicians and nurses through an App.

    Parc Tauli Hospital and Eurecat Technology Center have co-developed the product and aim to perform the clinical trials and regulatory approval in coming years.