Consolidate Call for Proposals

Selected projects 2021

Selected projects 2021

  • AON Therapeutics, correcting genetic alterations to treat lung cancer

    Jordi Hernández

  • Improving the treatment of acute ischemic stroke

    Alicia Martinez

  • Targeted inhibitor to halt colon cancer metastases

    Angélica Figueroa

  • Crossing the blood-brain barrier to treat pediatric brain cancer

    Meritxell Teixidó

  • Synthetic cells to improve virus surveillance

    Eva Baldrich

  • Targeting cancer stem cells to overcome resistance and relapse

    Jose Luis Mascareñas

  • World-first smart glasses to correct optical aberrations of the eye

    Pablo Artal

  • Accelerator-based neutron source for cancer therapy

    Ignacio Porras