Validate Call for Proposals

Selected projects 2017

Selected projects 2017

  • A companion diagnostic test for targeted therapy with PARP inhibitors in breast and ovarian cancer

    Alba Llop Guevara

  • Nanotechnology diagnostics

    Alberto Escarpa

  • Solving cardiac arrhythmias

    Andreu M. Climent

  • Therapeutic gene modulation of MBNL1-2 in myotonic dystrophy

    Beatriz Llamusi Troisi

  • New first-in-class treatment for Alzheimer’s disease

    Carles Galdeano

  • A 3rd generation telecare system for preventive medicine

    Enrique de la Vega

  • An oral care preventive solution

    Filipe Antunes

  • A smart platform for hydration

    Francisco Andrade

  • New potential immunotherapy drug for advanced head and neck cancers

    Gonzalo Fernández Miranda

  • A new technology to combat antimicrobial resistant and biofilm infections

    Joan Gavaldà

  • Cancer treatment using antisense oligonucleotides to modulate alternative splicing

    Jordi Hernández

  • Innovative biocompatible graft to treat aortic dissection

    Jordi Martorell

  • Assistive biorobotic low-cost exoskeleton

    Josep Maria Font

  • Innovative therapeutic approaches to chronic kidney diseases: miRNA127 modulation

    Laura García Bermejo

  • Blocking SUMO conjugation as a drug discovery strategy

    Maria Lois

  • 3D bioprinted tissue-like cores for cancer diagnostics

    Mateu Pla

  • Molecular sperm selection strategy to improve assisted reproductive techniques’ success

    Nerea Subirán

  • Low cost point-of-care testing for early sepsis diagnosis

    Oscar Alonso

  • Development of a therapeutic vaccine against hepatocellular carcinoma

    Pablo Sarobe Ugarriza

  • Preclinical development of ITH13001 as a second-generation oral treatment for multiple sclerosis

    Rafael León Martínez

  • Ghrelin O-acyltransferase: a new biomarker for prostate cancer screening

    Raúl M. Luque

  • Immunoresolvent lipids for multiple sclerosis and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

    Rubèn López Vales

  • Strengthening current antibiotics to treat life-threatening resistant hospital-acquired infections

    Xavier Daura