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Selected projects 2020

Selected projects 2020

  • Optimized epilepsy treatment. Boosting personalized medicine with organoids and artificial intelligence

    Sandra Acosta

  • ARtin. New inhibitors to treat castration-resistant prostate cancer

    Mateusz Biesaga

  • Dual molecules for pain. Targeting the pathways involved in neuropathic pain

    Eugènia Pujol

  • RimAb. A novel macrophage checkpoint inhibitor for cancer immunotherapy

    Maria-Rosa Sarrias

  • AIMS-OD. Systematic screening for swallowing disorders using AI

    Alberto Martín

  • PsorTREX2. An innovative keratinocyte-based therapy for psoriasis

    Serena Piticchio

  • BioPAPER. Rapid tests for pathogen detection in hospitals

    Roberto de la Rica

  • ONCOTASTE. Targeted therapeutics to halt metastasis

    María de la Fuente

  • BrainFocus. Computer-assisted localization of epileptic seizures

    Adrià Tauste

  • PLA2G4E. Novel treatment for Alzheimer's disease

    Ana García Osta

  • ROUTER. Regulation of gene expression for improved therapies

    Puri Fortes

  • PaMApDx. Pan-malaria aptamer-based rapid diagnostic test

    Elena Lantero

  • RetiPatch. First-in-class hydrogel patch to treat retinal detachment

    Xavier Valldeperas

  • Device to diagnose stent malfunctioning. Assessing the structural integrity of implanted stents non-invasively

    Carolina Gàlvez

  • Heart Failure-Chip. Miniaturized technology for self-monitoring of heart failure

    Inés Mendes Pinto

  • ClearPap. Delivery device for the treatment of HPV preneoplastic lesions

    Jesús Manuel Muñoz

  • ProREGEN. Gene therapy to repair the injured nervous system

    Monica Sousa

  • New technology for immunotherapy. Improving the effectiveness of CAR-T and CAR-NK therapies

    Carles Galdeano

  • STELLA. Kit for patient stratification in lung cancer liquid biopsies

    Inmaculada Ibáñez

  • FANCONINIB ONCOLOGY. First-in-class FA/BRCA pathway inhibitors for cancer therapeutics

    Jordi Minguillón