Validate Call for Proposals

Selected projects 2016

Selected projects 2016

  • Generation of patient-specific surrogate metrics based on multi-parametric tissue signatures

    Elies Fuster Garcia

  • Molecular tool to diagnose endometrial cancer

    Eva Colás Ortega

  • Inhibition of mechanostransduction as a novel therapy in the treatment of solid tumors

    Pere Roca-Cusachs Soulere

  • Development of new therapeutic approaches for leukemia

    Ruth Muñoz Risueño

  • Novel fusion protein for clinical management of diabetes mellitus associated with fatty liver disease

    Pedro Berraondo

  • A preterm birth predictor device

    Ángel Rubén Molina Conde

  • Surgical kit to perform Spinous Process Shortening – Laminoplasty (SPS-L)

    José Pineda

  • Integral Foot Protector based on 3D Fabrics for prevention of foot pressure ulcers

    Laura López García

  • Prediction of positive response to CPAP therapy for patients with Resistant Hypertension and Sleep Apnea

    Manuel Sánchez de la Torre

  • Real-Time Microwave Imaging Device for Endoscopic Explorations and Interventions

    Marta Guardiola

  • Miniaturized electrochemical sensor for the monitoring of free flap ischemia in post-surgery

    Mònica Mir Llorente

  • Development of a monitoring system for optimal individualized control of patients undergoing sedation-analgesia, based on predictive models

    Pedro Gambús Cerrillo

  • Medical Device for a better knee rehabilitation post-surgery

    Sebastian Idelsohn Zielonka

  • Live attenuated bacterial vaccines for the prevention and eradication of multiresistant infections

    German Bou Arevalo

  • Development of a technology for diagnosing non-tuberculous mycobacteria infection

    José Domínguez

  • A new approach for the diagnosis of Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections

    Lluisa Vilaplana

  • Boosting immunity against Gram-negative bacteria by removing natural non-neutralizing antibodies

    Rafael Mañez Mendiluce

  • A gene therapy strategy based on Adeno-Associated Virus (AVV) to treat Friedreich Ataxia

    Antoni Matilla Dueñas

  • Liver on a Chip platform for toxicology and drug development

    Jordi Gracia-Sancho

  • In Silico Engineering of therapeutic Enzymes

    Robert Soliva and Víctor Guallar