Health Innovation Call for Proposals

Selected projects 2023

Selected projects 2023

  • Development of a contrast agent to improve accuracy in the diagnosis of stroke

    Victoria Leiro

  • A vaccine to prevent hospital-acquired infections from an antibiotic-resistant bacterium

    Mireia López

  • New strategy to combat paediatric brain tumours

    Marta Alonso

  • Nanocoatings with antimicrobial properties to prevent prosthetic joint infections

    Pedro Soares-Castro

  • Collagen-inspired biobatteries as a power source for electronic skin devices

    Ana Pina

  • New technology using luminopsins to treat motor symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease

    Luisa Lopes

  • Development of a cheaper, faster and more versatile alternative to PCR for pathogen detection

    Mónica Serrano

  • Validation of a new technique to detect breast cancer from breast milk

    Ana Vivancos
    (co-led with Cristina Saura)

  • A solution based on carbon nanotubes to restore motor functions in patients with spinal cord injuries

    Maurizio Prato

  • Identification of a new type of biomarker and therapeutic target to combat breast cancer

    Maria de Guadalupe Cabral

  • Validation of a new therapeutic target to fight breast cancer

    Isabelle Vernos

  • Artificial intelligence to quickly categorise stroke patients and improve their chances of recovery

    Natalia Pérez de la Ossa

  • A new therapeutic approach to increase efficiency of existing cancer immunotherapies based on checkpoint inhibitors

    Rodrigo Toledo

  • New predictive biomarker for the development and progression of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

    David Martínez Selva

  • A new therapy to restore a healthy microbiome, reduce intestinal inflammation and prevent fibrosis

    Isabel Huber

  • New light-activated drugs to facilitate anti-tumour treatment

    Vicente Marchán

  • Machine learning to prevent possible complications arising from arteriovenous fistula for haemodialysis

    José Ibeas

  • A new early detection system for bladder cancer based on urine analysis

    Marta Dueñas

  • 3D hydrogels as a foundation for cell cultures related to cancer research

    Judith Guasch

  • A new antibody-based therapy for resistant and metastatic cancers

    Robert Kypta

  • A new sampling system to facilitate early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer

    Óscar Pozo

  • Microbiome-associated biomarkers to improve anal cancer prevention in susceptible populations

    Sergio Serrano-Villar

  • New cell therapy to treat glioblastomas

    Rut Valdor

  • A new immunosuppressive drug to prevent organ transplant rejection

    Oriol Bestard

  • A minimally invasive uterine fluid collection device to improve the detection of endometrial cancer

    Pilar Coy

  • First urine test to detect kidney fibrosis as an alternative to kidney biopsies

    Francesc E. Borràs

  • A new therapy for treating chronic liver diseases, based on therapeutic RNA

    María Luz Martínez

  • A gut microbiota analysis combined with AI for the early diagnosis of colorectal cancer

    Olfat Khannous

  • New immunotherapy treatment against breast cancer

    Toni Celià-Terrassa