A new therapy for treating chronic liver diseases, based on therapeutic RNA

María Luz Martínez


    María Luz Martínez


    Asociación Centro de Investigación Cooperativa en Biociencias-CIC bioGUNE, Spain


    Chronic liver diseases are one of the leading causes of mortality worldwide, with an increasing prevalence due to rising rates of obesity and alcohol abuse, among other causes. Unfortunately, many of these diseases lack specific treatments, leading to progressive liver damage, cirrhosis and an increased risk of liver cancer.

    The project is working on the development of a new RNA-based therapy for chronic liver diseases that uses molecules specifically targeted at the magnesium transporter of liver cells, the hepatocytes, with the aim of restoring their magnesium levels. The team has assessed the efficacy of this new treatment in various preclinical models, including alcoholic hepatitis, fatty liver and fulminant liver failure, among other conditions, obtaining promising results.

    With the technology already patented, the project's goal at this stage is to secure the necessary funding for the manufacture of pilot batches and to initiate the regulatory phase to describe the pharmacological and pharmacokinetic behaviour and toxicity of this new therapy. They also aim to establish strategic alliances with pharmaceutical and biotech companies to improve understanding of clinical needs and gain access to the professional biotech environment by increasing the visibility of the new treatment.


    Treating Liver Disease with Therapeutic RNA


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