A smart platform for hydration

Francisco Andrade


    Francisco Andrade


    Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain


    Dehydration is a silent threat to people’s health, especially for vulnerable groups such as children, the elderly or pregnant women. A smart platform to monitor individual hydration will help minimise the risk of dehydration.

    To implement a simple and powerful cloud-based platform that uses sensors to monitor individual hydration, allowing people to make better choices and improve their quality of life.

    Problem to Solve
    Water is the most essential nutrient for humans, as it is crucial for regulating physiological homeostasis. Diseases caused by dehydration range from constipation to cognitive and performance impairment and muscle weakness. However, dehydration is more common among certain more vulnerable population groups. Causes range from poor education to simply not noticing hydration levels.
    Hydration is not normally measured in real time, and although some technologies exist, they do not perform very well.

    KAMLEON will help to minimise the risk of dehydration by monitoring hydration status in real time, either in urine or sweat, thanks to an in-toilet device and a wearable patch that continuously send data to a cloud-based platform.

    Level of Innovation
    Prototypes have been tested in 400 cases in real life scenarios, and have been validated in the lab. Preliminary results show that KAMLEON simplifies access to information regarding hydration status, making it easier to take decisions.