IntraSenso-eAXON: wireless microsensors to monitor cardiovascular diseases

Laura Becerra Fajardo


    Laura Becerra Fajardo


    Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF), Spain


    Millions of people suffer from cardiovascular diseases, and a large number of these require frequent hospitalizations. The continuous monitoring of these illnesses is essential to detect and treat associated complications.

    However, current tools are expensive, bulky and difficult to use as well as incompatible for use with nearby implants and generally do not allow for constant monitoring.

    The researchers behind this project have developed IntraSenso-eAXON, an ultrathin and wireless microsensor for continuous pressure monitoring. This injectable device will provide constant updates on the patient’s status, allowing for earlier detection of complications. They are currently developing the technology and defining the preclinical and clinical studies of their roadmap for regulatory approval.