The Innovation Hub is a strategic initiative by the CaixaResearch Institute together with various institutes and the support of ”la Caixa” Foundation, whose aim is to promote the transfer of assets created by research from the laboratory to society.

    This strategic project will be implemented as part of a scientific alliance between various institutes and CaixaResearch Institute, enhancing and supporting the transfer activities of each centre.


    To this end, the Innovation Hub will deploy instruments and mechanisms that help to:

    • Stabilise and reinforce the innovation capabilities of each institute.

    • Finance ideas in order to validate the potential to transfer the assets resulting from the research carried out by the various institutes.

    • Provide individualised support for these activities via the necessary experts.

    • Carry out awareness raising and training activities to boost knowledge and skills in the field of innovation.


    The goal is therefore to help create a collaborative environment with the aim of boosting the strategic importance of innovation-related activities in the various institutes and thereby maximise the impact of their research on society.